Equip youth with the skills for the future!

We believe in using technology for good to preserve the innate love of learning we all have. Our unique learning platform is fun, flexible, and adaptable in endless ways for everyone.

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Build & Release Real Games

Our Learning Philosophy

We believe every person comes into the world with an innate love of learning. However, studies have found that a child’s enjoyment of learning drops continuously as they get older. At Endless Studios, our goal is to re-ignite that love of learning by infusing learning experiences into relevant and loved forms of entertainment - Game Making.

Games are the #1 source of entertainment for youth today, and will continue to be for generations to come. Experts and parents believe that video games can be educational for their kids and teach both hard and soft skills.

Contribute to Real Games

No prior experience is required to start. Only work on the games that interest you and contribute as much or as little time as you want!

Learn from the Pros

Learn the tricks of the trade as you apprentice with professional game makers and industry veterans.

Build with your friends

Meet like-minded young gamers in the Endless Studios community and build friendships as you build games.


The Journey
to a bright future

Endless Studios harnesses the power of games and digital creation to meet learners where they are in their journey. By infusing learning experiences into relevant and loved forms of entertainment, where youth play to learn and learn to make, we are reigniting their love of learning.

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Critical hard and soft skills
Develop 21st Century Skills

To be prepared for the jobs of tomorrow, youth need to acquire and practice 21st century skills. Making games is a team sport. The process involves collaboration across many multidisciplinary teams. Our learning platform teaches learners how to make games and also work with cross-functional game-making teams to prepare them for the jobs and work-environments of the future.

Art & Design

Create 2D or 3D art, characters, textures and more. Build prototypes and develop game mechanics.


Write code to create the software and programs that run the game's systems and mechanics.


Develop the video game's story, script, character descriptions, tutorials, and player's actions.

Music & Sound

Collect, edit, and create sound effects, ambient effects, and music for games.

Project Management

Manage projects day-to-day and take responsibility for reaching objectives.

Game Testing

Test different aspects of a game and write detailed reports of any bugs.

Endless Studios empowering the next generation

Game developers and studios are empowered by giving them the tools they need to create and learn today - while playing and having fun.

Endless Studios is a gathering of games industry veterans who have decades of experience creating games that empower kids to create and learn as a part of play. We've helped millions of kids to make tens of millions of games.

We are the people behind award winning projects such as Gamestar Mechanic, Minecraft EDU, the Endless Mission, and more.


“A brilliant toolkit for community game creation.”

-The Indie Game Website

“There have been a lot of games that give players the tools to create their own experience, but none like E-Line Media’s 'The Endless Mission'”


“This program is brand new and also helps you learn many of the basics of game making.”

- Bassam, ADU Student

“This was exactly what I thought I would be doing. The level of support we got from Endless Studios while making our game was exactly what we needed. It worked perfectly!”

- Faris, AUD Student

“I learned many things in the Endless Studios program that would have taken me much longer to learn elsewhere.”

- Deborah, NYU AD Student

Frequently Asked Questions

What technology is being used?

We will be using Unity to develop our games alongside in-house tools to simplify the coding and design process. Heavily push design as opposed to just code. Building out concept, prototyping it, writing it down and make it explainable to others.

How does the methodology work? What’s the 6 week program like?

Progressive building from base skills needed for game development outward into more specific and complex areas based on their own unique interests. Starting with: how do we design something that will be fun? Moving to how do we make art for something? How do we code? Starts with: What makes fun games? Foundational learning pushing into larger skills.

What will students gain?

They’ll have the beginnings of their game, the methods to complete it, and for some, a team of professionals working to create a polished that can be shared. All the resources necessary to continue development. Helping them build up documentation that thay can use later on to continue their work.

How will students learn?

They’ll learn from community-led zoom sessions, one-on-ones with mentors who can give them particular insights in to different facets of their games, and collaborative sessions where students will be working on their games side by side.

What is the structure of the sessions?

Answered above. There’s a mentor who will teach them skills necessary and give them feedback. Communal learning through feedback.

Who are the teachers?

Experienced professionals from the game and education worlds: need list of mentors for first session.