Want to make your own game with the help of professionals?

An authentic collaborative experience to apprentice with professional industry mentors to develop video games based on your original creative vision.

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Fall 2022 UAE
Game Making Apprenticeship Program

The Endless Studios’ UAE Apprenticeship Program is designed to provide aspiring university-level game makers with the opportunity to experience an authentic, professional game making process. Over the course of 8-weeks beginning in October, participants in the program collaborate within small teams to articulate, refine, and prototype their creative visions. These teams are continuously supported by Endless Studios professionals to develop their skills across various disciplines and realize their creative concepts.

How does it work?

Apply To participate, university students come together in small teams to submit a short pitch for a creative concept for a Unity-based game or interactive experience that incorporates elements of Emirati culture, traditions, or identity.

Selection Endless Studios will select teams to participate in the program based on the quality of your application.
Program Selected teams will be mentored through a professional production process from the creative ideation phase (project planning, designing core components) through prototyping of technical systems and game mechanics.
Pitch At the completion of the program, participating teams will formally pitch their games to the Endless Studios “Greenlight” Committee”, where if selected, teams will have the opportunity to continue development of their game in the Spring with further support from Endless Studios.

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What should participants expect?

Authentic experience

Experience in a professional game studio setting to add a professionally developed asset to your portfolio.

Support from professionals

Across all key areas of game making including design, project planning, and technical elements, among others.

Monetary stipend

To each team to cover any out of pocket expenses including digital assets to be used in their projects.


Official Endless Studios Certificate for prospective employers.

Further Opportunity

For a select number of teams, the opportunity to take your games further in the Spring supported by the Endless Studios community.

Meet your mentors

We are

Founded as a joint venture of E-Line Media and Endless Network, and in partnership with G42, Endless Studios operates a youth-centered game making studio where teens and young adults work with game industry pros and other aspiring game makers to create games. The team and organizations behind Endless Studios have collectively empowered millions of youth around the world to create original games and learn computer science through past projects such as Gamestar Mechanic, The Endless Mission, Terminal Two and the XPrize Connect Code Games Challenge.


“This was exactly what I thought I would be doing. The level of support we got from Endless Studios while making our game was exactly what we needed. It worked perfectly!”

- Faris, AUD Student

“I learned many things in the Endless Studios program that would have taken me much longer to learn elsewhere.”

- Deborah, NYU AD Student

“This program is brand new and also helps you learn many of the basics of game making.”

- Bassam, ADU Student

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of games can we make?

We’re inviting university student teams (up to four team members) to develop a pitch for an original, Unity-based game or interactive experience that addresses one or more of the following themes:
- The Emirati Experience – growing up and coming of age in the UAE;
- The Newcomer Experience – coming to know the Emirates, the people and culture from the perspective of a native of some other part of the world;
- Emirati Traditions – exploring an element of significance in Emirati culture;
- The Arabic Language – exploring a topic of linguistic, literary, historical or cultural significance concerning the Arabic language.

Are we expected to make a complete game by December?

No, you are not expected to make a complete game between now and December. As in a professional game development process, your team is expected to come to the table with an early-stage pitch for a game. If selected, your team will develop this into a well-defined game concept, articulating the game’s full creative vision, technical approach, etc. As part of this concept development process, your team will almost certainly produce one or more prototypes to test and validate aesthetic, technical and design concepts.

When do we have to submit our proposal and when does the program begin?

Proposals are due by October 14th and the program will begin on October 25th for selected teams.

Does it cost anything?

The program is free for university students. Endless Studios will also provide a monetary stipend for development costs, including the production of digital assets to be included in your games.