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Harnessing the power of games

Our mission is to reignite the love of learning for youth by harnessing the power of games and digital creation to meet learners where they are in their journey. Youth play to learn and learn to make as they build skills to thrive in a rapidly changing, globally connected world.

We believe in using technology for good. Our unique learning platform is fun, flexible, and adaptable in endless ways for everyone.

Founded as a joint venture of E-Line Media and Endless Network, Endless Studios brings together the leadership teams and innovative platforms that the two organizations have collaborated to create. Endless Studios builds upon the current game-based learning platforms of the two companies including The Endless Mission, a community-driven creation sandbox game where you can play, hack, and create within a rich narrative world and share your creation with the world. The Company also leverages Terminal Two, a game-based learning platform where players learn the fundamentals of coding and computational thinking through a diverse collection of games where hacking is a key mechanic.

Endless Studios programs operate as a highly-distributed, youth-centered game making studio where teens and young adults apprentice with game industry pros and other aspiring game makers to create games using The Endless Mission, Unity, and other creation tools.


Past Initiatives
Gamestar Mechanic A game, creation tool and community where players learn the basics of game design while playing to learn and making games. Used by over 2 million youth to make millions of games that have been played tens of millions of times.
MinecraftEdu The first educational edition of Minecraft, published in partnership with Teacher Gaming. Used in tens of thousands of classrooms around the world.
Code Games Challenge The first global youth game making competition with entrants from over 70 countries. Presented in partnership with XPRIZE Connect. Link to codegameschallenge.org
National STEM Video Game Challenge Originally announced by President Obama and presented in partnership with the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop, engaged over 20,000 youth to create original video games.

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