Create awesome games with your friends in 6 weeks!

Work with industry pros. Find your community. Learn new skills. No prior experience required!

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Course details

ionicons-v5-k 6 week course
ionicons-v5-c Classes twice a week
ionicons-v5-j 15-20 learners per class
ionicons-v5-k 60 minutes per class
ionicons-v5-j 13-18 year olds


Regular Price $800 USD

$95 USD

Total per learner for alpha launch starting Mar 20th, 2023

Level Up Your Skills!

Making games is a team sport. The process involves collaboration across engineers, game designers, artists, writers, musicians, and more! Build your skills by contributing to any (or all) of these areas. Get help and feedback from peers and industry pros in real time when you get stuck.

Art & Design

Create 2D or 3D art, characters, textures and more. Build prototypes and develop game mechanics.


Manipulate and build a game world with tools used by industry professionals.


Develop the video game's story, script, character descriptions, tutorials, and player's actions.

Project Management

Manage projects day-to-day and take responsibility for reaching objectives.

Game Testing

Test different aspects of a game and write detailed reports of any bugs.

How does it work?

Students will attend one of two Main Sessions each week, and can attend any of the other sessions available as best fits their schedule. We recommend that each student attends at least one optional session each week, but they are welcome to attend more!


Join classes twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays (each class is 60min long)


Get insight from experienced mentors and your peers throughout the course (optional)


Attend open work hours with your peers and instructors as you work on building games in real time (optional)


Enjoy access to our learning platforms any time you want!

Week by Week

Week 1 Launch! We'll talk about the program, what it's about and how participants can interact with different areas of the curriculum and resources. We'll also talk about the importance of Game Design and how it impacts the games we play.

Week 2 An Introduction to Game Design. Participants will be introduced to some of the basic elements of Game Design that they'll be incorporating into their current projects (and beyond).
Week 3 Interaction in Games. How do players interact with the worlds we make for them, and why are these important to consider? This week will include narrative interactions and the ways that players control their character.
Week 4 Art and Effects. We’ll dig into the ways that we control what players see, and why that's important beyond just making great looking games.
Week 5 Polishing Your Game. Participants can do to try to take their games to the next level, and give them the space to provide advice and direction for one another.
Week 6 Closing Out. This week will feature a showcase where we look back on the design documents and prototypes that students have put together during their time in the program, and look forward to where our games go from here!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What technology will be used in the course?

We will be using Unity to develop our games alongside in-house tools which simplify the coding and design process. Students will utilize the Unity Editor in this abstracted environment to learn how the game engine works while they craft their games, finishing the course with not only what they make, but further knowledge in how to use Unity.

What is the 6 week program like?

We will be progressively building student's knowledge, starting from basic skills needed for game development and moving outward into more specific and complex areas that serve each participant’s unique interests. By starting with the fundamentals of game design, students will be able to apply game design thinking in their disciplines and beyond!

What will participants create over the course of the program?

Participants will have the beginnings of a game, the methods and knowledge to complete it, and - for a lucky few - a team of developers from our studio who will implement their idea as a polished and complete version.

What will the format of the classes be like?

Sessions will be virtual and will take many forms. This includes community-led Zoom sessions focused on building networks of student feedback, one-on-ones with mentors who can give them particular insights into different facets of game making, and collaborative sessions where students can work on their games alongside their peers.


“This was exactly what I thought I would be doing. The level of support we got from Endless Studios while making our game was exactly what we needed. It worked perfectly!”

- Faris, AUD Student

“I learned many things in the Endless Studios program that would have taken me much longer to learn elsewhere.”

- Deborah, NYU AD Student

“This program is brand new and also helps you learn many of the basics of game making.”

- Bassam, ADU Student

The Endless Studios LaunchPad

Build and Release Real Games

Whether you're a developer n00b or have some experience under your belt, joining The Endless Studios Youth Game Academy will provide you with the platform, the tools, and the guidance necessary to build and release real video games!

Contribute to Real Games

No prior experience is required to start. Build assets for a game that’s been released on Steam!

Learn from the Pros

Learn the tricks of the trade as you apprentice with professional game makers and industry veterans.

Build with your friends

Meet like-minded young gamers in the Endless Studios community and build friendships as you build games.