Our Programs

Endless Studios harnesses the power of games and digital creation to meet learners where they are in their journey. By infusing learning experiences into relevant and loved forms of entertainment, where youth play to learn and learn to make, we are reigniting their love of learning.

Our platform systematically bridges the gap between beginner and advanced game making. This allows learners to level up at their own pace and fosters critical thinking, problem solving, and perseverance - skills that are necessary for youth to develop to be ready for the jobs of tomorrow.

We believe in using technology for good to preserve the innate love of learning we all have. Our unique learning platform is fun, flexible, and adaptable in endless ways for everyone.

Meet our mentors


“A brilliant toolkit for community game creation.”

-The Indie Game Website

“There have been a lot of games that give players the tools to create their own experience, but none like E-Line Media’s 'The Endless Mission'”


“This program is brand new and also helps you learn many of the basics of game making.”

- Bassam, ADU Student

“This was exactly what I thought I would be doing. The level of support we got from Endless Studios while making our game was exactly what we needed. It worked perfectly!”

- Faris, AUD Student

“I learned many things in the Endless Studios program that would have taken me much longer to learn elsewhere.”

- Deborah, NYU AD Student

The Endless Studios LaunchPad

Build and Release Real Games

Whether you're a developer n00b or have some experience under your belt, joining The Endless Studios Youth Game Academy will provide you with the platform, the tools, and the guidance necessary to build and release real video games!

Contribute to Real Games

No prior experience is required to start. Build assets for a game that’s been released on Steam!

Learn from the Pros

Learn the tricks of the trade as you apprentice with professional game makers and industry veterans.

Build with your friends

Meet like-minded young gamers in the Endless Studios community and build friendships as you build games.